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Sneakers BEWER Woman

  • Rotox
  • Herringbone Sole
  • Sole Shield
  • BP Fluid
  • Mid Stab
  • Lo-dens Phylon
  • Stitch Insole
  • Toughtoe
  • BPS System
  • Knit Mesh
  • Thermo Sealed

Paddle shoe for professional or advanced players looking for a flexible footwear that allows fast movements and at the same time guaranteeing greater stability and traction.

Colour: Orange

Sizes: 36-42.




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Technical specifications:
Thermosealed: "Non-stitching" technology. By avoiding pieces sewn, it reduces weight. It provides flexibility and endurance. The mesh provides breathability, flexibility and "glove" effect due to lack of pieces and cuts.
Knit Mesh: Light woven fabric, lightweight, high breathability and flexibility.
BPS System: Rear stabilizer. It prevent kinks holding the foot in lateral movements.
Toughtoe: Rubber toe. Reinforcing piece, sewn and glued to the sole. Abrasion high resistance
Stitch Insole: Insole. EVA rubber with textile reinforcement. Sewn to phylon middle-sole enhances cushioning and comfort.
Lo-Dens Phylon: Midsole. Injected phylon, low density. It provides comfort and cushioning. Increases durability on the midsole.
Mid Stab: Central stabilizer Made of tpr, improves balance and strengthens the central structure of the foot arch.
BP Fluid: Heel cushioning. Encapsulated gel "bp fluid". Maximum shock absorption. Attenuates shock during impact reducing the possibility of injury.
Sole Shield: Higher sole on the sides and toe, to ward off blows with walls.
Herringbone Sole: High density rubber Sole. Herringbone pattern, specific for paddle surfaces. Its design allows maximum grip and foot flexion. 3 mm depth.
Rotox: Rotation disc located in the sole that favors the quick turns.

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