FLOW 2020: Alejandra Salazar's new racket

Published : 2019-11-15 14:25:50
Categories : Actualidad , Bullpadel , Producto

One of the strong points of the new collection! We present you the FLOW racket: new model thought and created to the detail for Alejandra Salazar.

Next season, the player from Madrid will leave behind the Hack W and compete with the Flow racket. An elegant, striking racket with the new paint Nano Paint and highly PRO. Another jewel designed exclusively for her.



The new Flow racket is a lightweight hybrid racket, this achieves a perfect balance between power and control. It is designed for professional or advanced players.

It incorporates the new FlowForce heart. Its external core is composed of hybrid fiber Fibrix and a rough finish in 3D to give more effect to the blows. Its BlackEva inner core and CarbonTube frame are made of 100% carbon fiber. It incorporates the Sticker protector: adhesive, light, flexible and resistant. It also has a Vibradrive system to absorb vibrations, a FLOWFORCE heart and Nerve channels on the side of the racket frame.

What about Flowforce? It's an innovative design that offers a reinforced heart to balance an oversize frame. In addition, longitudinal reinforcements have been created on the arms of the heart to reinforce the structure of this, getting an oversize format, characterized by its ease of hitting, adding a plus of reaction and power.

Alejandra Salazar's new racket is ideal for advanced players, as it has the latest technologies, but having a large core, is easy to handle for players of different levels.  In this new design we have been able to fuse in an only racket: elegance, technicality and performance.


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