Bullpadel and the International Padel Federation renew their alliance

Bullpadel and the International Padel Federation renew their alliance

Published : 2021-03-23 - Categories : Actualidad , Patrocinios

Bullpadel maintains the Official Ball Category, and added in this new stage of the agreement, the Categories of Racket, Bag and Official FIP Bag.

Bullpadel and the International Padel Federation consolidate their alliance with a sponsorship renewal agreement, which already joined both entities since October 2019. Bullpadel will continue to be Technical Sponsor occupying, in this new period, the categories of Racket, Ball, and Official Bag.

This renovation is presented with strength to continue working on the growth and development of Padel worldwide. The experience of the international brand, world´s Padel number 1 brand, will continue to join the International Padel Federation to keep taking steps forward in the work it develops around the world. In this 2021, the Federation's project already has more than 70 tournaments in the CUPRA FIP TOUR, the birth of a new circuit for juniors, the FIP PROMISES EUROPE and the celebration of the European Championship and the three World Championships: Junior, Senior and the World Padel Championship.

Luigi Carraro, president of the International Padel Federation commented about the agreement: "This renewal with Bullpadel is an exciting news that makes me very happy.  We take another step forward, with interesting new features included in the agreement, strengthening the work that we started to do together in 2019 and that will continue to enable the development of Padel in federations, clubs and players worldwide. 

We continue to move forward together in the internationalization of padel, in the arrival of professional and official tournaments to countries around the world with specialized brands that make padel grows, as is the case of Bullpadel, a brand that, not only already has in its name our beloved sport, but is also a leader and reference in the world among the brands specialized in padel”.

Alfredo Peñalver, CEO of Aguirre y Cía stated that "For Bullpadel is a pride to continue supporting the FIP in the international development of our sport. As the world's number 1 Padel specialized brand, we have the commitment to support the International Padel Federation in all its efforts in the growth of the practice of our sport around the world".

A shared commitment with important new features

The sponsorship agreement now takes on a new dimension with important new features: the development of an exclusive FIP collection of products and the upcoming presentation of two new ball models, a BULLPADEL FIP ball that will be used in all FIP 2021 events as the Official Ball.

Peñalver commented on this new feature: "As a technical sponsor in the categories of Racket, Ball,  and Official Bags, we are developing an exclusive FIP collection that will soon be presented worldwide.  

In addition, as a second novelty, we will soon launch two new ball models that we have developed, so that, together with the current BULLPADEL FIP GOLD model, they can fulfill the requirements of any player based on the different playing surfaces and climatologies where all the official FIP competitions will take place worldwide.

They will be official ball both in the World Championships in all categories, in the European Championship, as well as in all competitions that conform the CUPRA FIP TOUR calendar: GOLD, STAR, RISE and PROMOTION tournaments" said the CEO of Bullpadel.

About Bullpadel

Bullpadel was born in 1995 under the passionate ideas of some Argentine and Spanish professionals. In 2005, Aguirre y Cia. S.A. acquired the brand, changed the logo and systematized the design and production processes.

The Spanish brand, which is positioned at number 1 in the world of specialized Padel brands, has professional players who are featured as image in its different campaigns, such as Maxi Sánchez, Paquito Navarro, Federico Chingotto, Juan Tello, Alejandra Salazar, Cata Tenorio, Delfina Brea, Sofía Araujo, Virginia Riera, who have recently been joined by Martín di Nenno, Sergio Alba and Francisco Gil.

Since 2016, Bullpadel is Official Apparel of World Padel Tour and since 2018 is Official Racket of the Final Master of the professional circuit. 

In addition, Bullpadel maintains various agreements with federative entities in Spain, with the sponsorship of the Spanish Padel Federation and the Federations of Madrid and Extremadura.


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