Bullpadel FIP's Official Ball

Published : 2019-10-15 17:20:27
Categories : Actualidad , Bullpadel , Patrocinios , Producto

Last September Bullpadel signed an important agreement with the International Padel Federation (FIP): Gold ball Will be the official ball for every tournament organised by the FIP. Bullpadel Will be FIP’s official apparel as well. This agreement Will be valid for the next two seasons and bets for the globalisation and expansion of this sport so it can become an Olympic discipline in the future.

We Will be present at the tournaments of the FIP tour, which includes the Under 18 international championship that is taking place at Castellón ( from 11th of October until 20th of October), the European padel championship in Rome (from 4th of November until 11th of November) and all the FIP’s remaining tournaments.


The Gold ball has been chosen by the FIP for their unbeatable features. It’s a high speed ball that makes the game quicker. Besides, this ball has a great endurance. Thanks to the high quality natural felt provides a better feeling for the player. It comes with a high density rubber core that prevents pressure los making the ball more resistant.


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