Green efficient partnetship: Bullpadel and Pascal Box

Published : 2020-02-27 13:14:25
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Bullpadel and Pascal Box join forces to take to the Padel universe the technology that guarantees the best playing experience always using balls with the regulatory pressure, reducing at the same time the money expenditure, waste and unnecessary CO2 production.

Until now we have been using the padel balls in a very inefficient fashion. We use them for very few matches (2 to 4 on average) because they have lost their inner pressure, whilst their structure (rubber and felt) are in perfect condition.

Clubs and academies are giving lessons with balls without the proper pressure and they only renew them after a few months (one for the professionals and many more for the rest of clients).

From the moment we open the tube or can, the balls start losing pressure. Balls lose 20-25% of their inner pressure just in their first match. The loss during lessons is not so big because the balls receive a smaller number of hits.

Therefore, currently, we are either discarding balls in perfect condition with more of 90% of their lifespan still available, or we are playing and receiving lessons with balls without the proper pressure (that means not satisfying playing experience, not being able of exercise power hits, balls with irregular performance and even provoking injuries due to forced gestures).

Pascal Box has developed a new technology that extract the full lifespan of the balls guaranteeing the best playing experience, the regulatory pressure always, producing important money savings and significant reduction of unnecessary waste and CO2 production (4 kg of CO2 are released to the atmosphere for each 1 kg of rubber produced).

The environmental aspect of this project is key and, in fact, that was one of the main reason for funding Pascal Box 2016. Since then the CO2 reduction generated by the more than 15.000 Pascal Box 3B users equals just in 2019 to having planted a forest the size of 16 football fields.

Thanks to Bullpadel’s worldwide support in the communication, promotion and commercialization areas the year 2020 is bound to be the beginning of the global implementation of the use of pressurisers for padel balls.

Currently there are two products in the market:

·        Pascal Box PRO, with 72 ball capacity specifically designed for Clubs, Academies and Instructors.

·        And the Pascal Box 3B, the 3 ball capacity with the same technology and warranty, designed for the amateur and professional player.

Bullpadel and Pascal Box as ‘Technical Partner’ have defined as their common objective to change, forever, the inefficient way we use and consume padel balls by offering solutions and products which guarantee the best possible experience always, saving money, avoiding injuries and helping protect the environment at the same time.

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