Pascal Box X Bullpadel: Earth Day

On the World Earth Day, Pascal Box and Bullpadel join one more year to allude to the importance of taking care of our planet. We know the impact that padel has on the environment, and that is why we must be environmentally conscious. Today we present our 5 R's on which our products are based:







The use of Pascal Box is able to generate an impact in a direct and very important way. It is a ball pressurizer that will avoid having to use new balls and discard the old ones in each match. With this we achieve a reduction in the consumption of padel balls. Now we can use them during their real useful life. They can be used for more than 10 matches and many months of training. All this, with perfect performance and rebound. The intention is to stop buying and consuming new balls every two or three matches. 


All components of absolutely all Pascal Box products are easily and economically repairable or replaceable. Pascal Box manufactures with the intention of extending durability. Something essential to contribute to the care of the environment. We must forget to throw away the products that have been damaged. The repair is one of the fundamental pieces to take care of our planet.


Pascal Box works in collaboration with private companies and public institutions to develop efficient systems for the recovery and recycling of balls, products and components.

The traditional pattern of ball use and consumption has become totally obsolete. It is a disadvantage on all levels: economic, sportif and ecological. We can easily avoid playing with loose balls that do not bounce properly. And at the same time, we can stop throwing away a product that is in perfect condition (and the money it costs to buy it).

In the same way that we find it necessary to eliminate the consumption of single-use plastics (bags, straws, etc.), approaching the world of padel from the same perspective is taking steps forward. It's as easy as inflating balls - do we throw away a basketball or a deflated bicycle tire?

To put this in context, the manufacture of 1 kg of balls generates more than 4 kg of CO2. To these emissions must be added the plastic used for the cans, packaging, labels and the transport needed to get them to the final consumer.

Today, we have few initiatives to give a second life to these products. From Bullpadel and Pascal Box we want to raise awareness of the need to take care of our planet on this World Earth Day. Our "green alliance" is a big step to help reduce the consumption of padel balls. Let's put an end to the throwaway concept! 


PASCAL BOX 3B: PASCALBOX 3B is the ONLY complete pressurization system that guarantees hermetic closing and 100% results: high resistance cup, precision manometer, universal inflation valve and safety valve. Includes inflator pump.

PASCAL BOX 4BMaximum precision pressure gauge calibrated according to the official parameters of the International Padel and Tennis Federations

TROLLEY PASCAL BOX PRO BULLPADEL: Exclusive trolley for the Pascal Box PRO made of cast iron to last a lifetime with your Pascal Box PRO.

PASCAL BOX PRO BULLPADEL: Stainless steel cup, precision pressure gauge, universal inflation valve and safety valve. It includes an electric compressor for air charging.

 PASCAL PRO BOX XL: Capacity for up to 240 tennis and padel balls.

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