VERTEX 02 W 2020: Cata Tenorio and Delfi Brea's racket

Published : 2019-11-20 17:05:21
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Today we give way to a racket that has been 5 seasons with us. The Vertex 2 W: a power racket designed for expert players or advanced game. We highlight its new MultiEva rubber, the Fibrix hybrid fiber and for the first time it has the technology of the Vertex men range: Top Spin.

One more year, it will be the racket chosen by Cata Tenorio and Delfi Brea to give everything on court.

The Vertex-2 W is a. lightweight diamond-shaped racket, with maximum power and high performance without loss of control. Its outer core consists of Fibrix hybrid fiber, its inner core of the new MultiEva rubber and its CarbonTube frame of 100% carbon fiber .It also incorporates Sticker protector, a light, flexible and resistant adhesive protector

In addition, it has a Vibradrive system for vibration absorption, Vertex heart and Nerve channels on the side of the racket frame.

And last but not least the Top Spin technology, a surface with a rough finish that favors grip and achieves a greater effect of the ball when in contact with the racket.

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