Here we will develop 5 stages to form and develop the SPORTS EDUCATION, VALUES, and CONDUCT of the padel player:

  1. MINI - Active Start (up to 6 years)
  2. FUN - FUNdamental (from 7 to 10 years)
  3. MID - Learning to Train (11 to 13 years old)
  4. AVANT - Training for competition (14 to 16 years old)
  5. PROLINE - Training to win (17 onwards)

MINI: This the beginner padel stage which begins at age 4 to 6 years with a track, net and materials to facilitate their start with fluid and efficient movements. This will allow you to acquire a good technical and psychomotor base from the beginning and without losing sight of the most important thing, fun.

FUN: We see this as a fundamental stage, as in this age group students begin to acquire technical concepts and movements that will be used throughout their sporting lives.

MID: At this stage, tactical concepts are incorporated and a sports education begins to be developed to strengthen behaviour in training.

AVANT: Once the technical knowledge has been acquired, this stage focuses on learning to develop basic strategies and to handle real competition situations.

PROLINE: Training to win involves, as its fundamental pillars, the management of both emotions and pressure in key moments of the matches.


In this segment of players, we will focus on their urgent needs so that with a good understanding of their qualities they will be able to develop their maximum potential, improving on errors and enhancing their sporting values.

Also, we will instill a solid foundation for mental play as well as dialogue and relationship with their partner so that they improve and understand the keys to a good team game. We will define as an objective the incorporation of some sporting values to enjoy the game in a healthy way, avoiding frustration and the bad atmosphere that occurs frequently in amateur competition.

  1. AVANT: Ball control at this stage is vital to incorporate tactical improvements. The student will learn to manage game characteristics such as depth, direction and height of the ball.
  2. PROLINE: This phase involves incorporating more complex ball characteristics into the game, such as spin and speed. The objective will consist of mastering the strokes with those variations and learning to decide correctly when and how to perform those executions.

PROLINE At this stage, technique takes a back seat, giving way to the tactical side of the game. The student will seek to be more and more complete and will find his challenge in developing the ability to solve the problems that advanced opponents impose.


Through an exhaustive diagnostic and scouting of the athlete, we will analyse how to train. We will define the psychological/nutritional/medical and padel facts needed and what your short, medium and long-term goals will be. The project will be carried out in a timely manner, drawing up a transversal action plan involving the whole team.


Here you will be able to coordinate the days of your intensive training in order to have a complete overview of your game, plus daily training and a plan to ensure that if you live away you can continue to develop as a player.

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